Regional Gender Webinars :”I DARE YOU” Assignment

25 youth facilitators – multipliers, who attended the regional gender webinars,transferred their knowledge and skills to  their  56 of their youth  peers the aim was  to challenge existing discriminatory gender roles and norms inLesotho, Zimbabwe, Zambia,Botswana, Uganda and Malawi. At least 50% of the participants  were female.

The gender program has highlighted that traditional gender roles and norms are firmly entrenched in the perceptions and lived experiences of youth multipliers and their peers. This limits participation of young women in decision making processes, access to land, livelihood options and resources.

Based on the engagements in the gender program, it is necessary and important to continue to mainstream gender as a cross cutting issue in all network activities.

The gender capacity building program, had 4 regional webinars

(average 25 participants); 22 in-country training days (56 participants).

Participats where given I DARE YOU Assignment guidelines as follows

Assign each other a “I dare you task” which should challenge existing gender tasks and roles  in your family/ community.

Document the task as pictures or  video clips, using  your cellphone. #stepsregionalnetwork

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