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Social Mobilization for Transformation



Background of the organisation

Social Mobilization for Transformation (SMOT) is a Malawian non-profit organization, founded on 17th April in 2018. It aims at working towards contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals and the Malawi Growth Development Strategy II by advocating for the realization of human rights and raising awareness about human rights violations with particular focus Sexual and Reproductive health and rights (SRHR).

SMOT uses the power of documentary film to engage audiences around issues of social justice and development in order to affect meaningful change. In order to achieve this, SMOT distributes films, conducts facilitated film screenings with the solar powered mobile cinema , and coordinates the production of documentaries and provides training and mentorships for community film screening facilitators.

Area of operation

SMOT is currently working in Dowa in GVH Mwambula and Senior GVH Kathumba, Traditional Authority Chiwere. The operational area is mainly situated along Salima Lilongwe road, 20 kilometres from Salima district and 80 kilometres from Lilongwe the capital city.

The organization functions as a vehicle for development of communications, giving voice to marginalized and disadvantaged communities, providing skills development and fostering accessibility to information and services.

Goal of the organisation

To promote the use of facilitated film screenings as a tool for dialogue to contribute to sustainable positive development.

The films are documentary films addressing social issues of relevance to the community and community dialogue involves the trained facilitators discussing in a safe and open space linking to the film or sensitive issues being addressed by the film even beyond the screening discussions. Through the facilitated discussions the community is able to make informed actions as a result of the continued dialogue through the community facilitators.

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