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SASO Malawi

Report by Paul Duncan


SASO in Malawi has been using film screening approach with support from Steps for the future who have been providing technical and financial support for a number of years as one way of engaging the vulnerable youth into meaningful discussion with the aim of preventing them from contracting HIV as well as other sexual transmitted illnesses. This also ensures that the youth are well informed to make sound decisions regarding their reproductive health and education.

SASO has 15 active facilitators who conduct community film screening sessions in the communities of TA Pemba Maganga, Kalonga and Khombedza.

The rate of unemployment in Malawi is very high. Illiteracy is one of the factors that perpetuate the situation. Farming which has been the source of income to the masses is affected by inadequate and scarcity of land and farm inputs. Traditionally land is accessed through inheritance. The increased population has put high demand on the resource hence not all are able to access land any more. This puts the youths in an awkward position which results into increased migration to neighboring cities within Malawi and other countries mainly South Africa.

In addition to this, most youths are engaged in malpractices that expose them to harmful lifestyle and as a results leading to early pregnancy, early marriages, school dropout and many others.

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