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CEYOHO was registered in 2002 as a non governmental organization that targets young people living with HIV in Botswana.The organisation provides HIV prevention messages and supports youth to strengthen their ability to live positively.

CEYOHO objectives:

  • Network and empower HIV positive young people to become key players in HIV prevention and support
  • Strengthen current ARV programme and ensure sustainability in roll – out
  • Expand the capacity of HIV testing to cover gaps (e.g men , youth)
  • Develop “well-being packages” for HIV-positive young people with focus on prevention and referral to care.

Young people living with HIV can play a critical role in ensuring that national prevention efforts bear results. CEYOHO continues to package prevention messages, and skills building specific to young people living with HIV. CEYOHO supports the development of income generating activities by young people as a strategy to mitigate the socio-economic impacts of HIV/AIDS.

CEYOHO and STEPS partnership is over 16 years old .STEPS is a key strategic partner in our outreach activities .STEPS has over years trained CEYOHO members and our partner organisations in community facilitated documentary film screenings.Steps documentary films have been part of our existing HIV prevention and care interventions.CEYOHO curently has 20 active film facilitators

Steps films are true life documented stories used to raise awareness and advocacy on issues of HIV and AIDS LGBTIQ teenage pregnancy sexual reproductive health and poverty and human rights to name a few .CEYOHO/STEPS project focuses on using the power of documentary films as tool to social transformation .When screening STEPS films the facilitators  identity the problem its causes and change they wish to see in that community or audience.

– CEYOHO annual report

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