Mobile filming capacity building program

Steps conducted 12 mobile filming capacity building webinars the program was attended by  44 particpants from  Zimbabwe, Zambia,Botswana, Uganda and Malawi.Participants also conducted a total of  36 internal training days that included practical assignments.

Using online platforms has made it possible to increase regional information sharing and learning, however, reliable internet connections and uninterrupted electricity sources as well as different levels of digital literacy among network partners posed some  challenge.

The program did show clearly that to address the digital divide we  need commitment and collaboration with other stakeholders.

Online and mobile tools provide an opportunity for young people in the STEPS network to share, inspire and motivate each other to search for innovative livelihood ways to use available resources to generate incomes. Examples of some youth led intitaitives  shared during online engagements include small gardens, raising livestock, producing and selling homemade products and starting other small enterprises.

Young people  have shown great enthusiasm to learn how to use mobile phones for filming, which have proven useful tools for young people to tell and share their personal stories. Multipliers need ongoing mentorship support and access to phones and mobile data.

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