Mobile Back pack Dowa Malawi

Report by SMOT Malawi

SMOT in Malawi at the STEPS regional conference received a solar powered  mobile cinema pack .They are using the the equipment to conduct facilitated film community screenings in remote areas of Dowa .Their  activities covers 5 GVHs -Mwambula and Kathumba Mnesha, Maweru and Mwachalo. SMOT ‘s mobile cinema program covers 58 villages.

What has changed since introducing  community film screenings ?

  • Creation of space to discuss issues of concern openly which was not there before( issues raised by the film)
  • We have observed that there is enhanced knowledge
  • Acceptance of the project in the targeted communities
  • Willingness of the village heads to mobilize their subjects for film screening sessions
  • Willingness of the district stakeholders to attend pre and post planning meetings
  • Willingness of school authorities for accepting the project in their school
  • Willingness of community members to attend film screenings 

What is the change that you are observing?

The following are the changes  SMOT is observing in its implementation area;

  • Establishment of 4 adult literacy centres for the communities to access adult literacy services and this was after the film screenings of mother at 15 film
  • More enrollment of women into adult literacy than men
  • Government(ministry gender) have pledged to support the hard working teachers in adult literacy centres with monthly honorarium
  • Young people who dropped school due to teenage pregnancy and family poverty have gone back to school after being motivated by Mariam’s desire of going back to school.
  • Willingness of a community based organization (Faith based Organization) to support needy learners with school fees


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